Are you looking for an easy, cost saving, energy saving, environmental friendly and revolutionary Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)? Look no further. You just found your solution: EasyIO. The rules have changed.

EasyIO provides innovative products for BEMS’s, that are used in huge infrastructure projects and are perfect for all types of buildings, from very large to smaller types of buildings or estates of buildings. Our controllers significantly lower the software costs of BEMS’s, because they can combine multiple protocols like Sox, BACnet, Modbus, EnOcean and Web API. The many energy saving possibilities of our products, the easy way of installing them into a new or existing BEMS and maintaining them, the use of less devices and less software in a BEMS and the wireless possibilities of our products, also lower the costs, for system integrators as well as building owners. All this means a major paradigm shift in energy controls.

In control of your BEMS

With EasyIO you get back in control of your BEMS. The use of a free engineering tool (CPT Tools), standard drivers and open source technologies, and the power of EasyStack and the Niagara Framework make that possible by providing maximum interoperability, integration and flexible interface options. Start with smart monitoring your energy consumption; control, analyse and optimise it and save energy and limit carbon dioxide emissions right away.

EasyIO Mission

The goal of EasyIO is to deliver BEMS’s that increase the wellbeing of humans: more comfort, more savings, better buildings. For many years now we are serving the professional BEMS market with close to 100% support satisfaction. Not only leading in technology, but also in partnership. We greatly value our partners. With our partners we have created a community of professional engineers that will never let you down.

We are the ‘can do’ company and will never disappoint you. Trust, quality, people development, solid business ethics and leading edge innovation are our five core values.