EasyIO is of course ran by people. We would like to introduce them to you, so you get to know them a little better and so you’re able to see the face behind the name.

Johan SchakenraadJohan Schakenraad

Johan Schakenraad is the owner and Managing Director of EasyIO Europe, with registered offices in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. He defines the strategic policy of those companies and makes sure that the company goals are achieved.

Johan has a proven track record in leading functions in the building automation industry. Because of his wide education and never lasting energy, he made the foundation and growth of leading companies possible.

All those years of experience in the industry, led to a unique vision. And with the foundation of EasyIO Europe in 2011, Johan chose a new direction: creating a company that distinguishes itself from the competition, by doing things smarter and making sure its customers get a stronger position in the industry and deliver more quality. Trust, quality, people development, solid business ethics and leading edge innovation are the five core values the Dutchman personally stands for.

His goal is never to be the biggest, but to be the best. In Johan’s opinion, small customers are as important as big ones. By bringing people with strong specialisms into the company, he made it possible to achieve great things with just a small group of people. He’s never afraid to go against the grain, because he believes things can be done different.

Gordon ChanGordon Chan

Gordon Chan is the co-owner of the EasyIO Group, with Mike Marston. Gordon heads up the operations for EasyIO, and is based in Kuala Lumpur at the EasyIO HQ and R&D Center.

He started in the building automation industry in 1989 using the Barber Coleman Network 8000 system, which he still claims today was an awesome BMS solution. He also studied electrical engineering at KL University, achieving tertiary qualifications, and over the years has been stationed in Singapore and Malaysia, with regular visits to Europe, USA, China, Hong Kong and Australia.

Gordon started his career at Mecomb Malaysia, a division of Sime Darby, in KL and Singapore. He later became the Engineering Manager at Metronic Engineering in KL and successfully executed huge and complex building automation projects for government and the private sectors. At EasyIO Gordon has built up a solid projects business called EasyIO Engineering, a division of EasyIO Holdings, in the Malaysian market. The projects completed and currently in had are huge, challenging and complex, and large.

Throughout his 28+ years of experience, Gordon has become known for his leadership and organizational skills, at the same as being firm and fair. Gordon continues to drive the EasyIO businesses forward, always looking forward to the future with positive attitude and encouragement for his team, and the good of the company, its customers, its people and their families.

Mike MarstonMike Marston

Mike Marston founded EasyIO in year 2000 and today he is the co-owner with Gordon Chan. Mike heads up the sales operation for EasyIO, and travels often to see our customers throughout the world, spanning 40+ countries.

He started in the building automation industry in 1979, at the same time studying electrical and electronics engineer at Leeds Metropolitan University and over the years has been stationed in Saudi Arabia, UK, Australia and Asia. Starting with Satchwell Controls in the UK and then moving on to ISS Clorius, GEC Australia, Invensys and Tridium.

Throughout his 35+ years of experience, Mike continues to learn, and also strives to be innovative with disruptive technology and endless drive to improve control systems in terms of cost, simplify and effectiveness to change the world in terms of energy savings, building comfort and operational excellence. EasyIO is now at the forefront of building controls innovation and continues to ‘run faster’ to keep ahead, this is Mike’s motto and basis for moving forward without fear.

Mike looks forward to many more years with EasyIO, changing the world and growing the company.