We want our partners to be successful and provide high-level quality to the customers. That’s why we introduced our EasyIO Partner Program, which contains great advantages:

  • Instructive training courses for CPT Tools & the EasyIO F-series
  • High quality, unlimited support
  • Licence-free CPT Tools
  • Regular software updates
  • Annual workshops
  • Special partner multiplier based on annual sales
  • Your company logo on our products (optional)

We are continuously looking for system integrators, resellers, distributors and OEM’s that are willing to become our partner.


There are two different forms of partnership: EasyIO Certified Partner and EasyIO Certified Knowledge Center. Both profit from the benefits mentioned above, only the Knowledge Center also allows the use of our innovative EasyStack program.

The reason of our Partner Program

Although we recognize the intimate relationship between profitability and quality, we know that our partner’s success is ultimately depending on the well-being and innovative character of its engineers. We want to develop a successful, long term, strategic relationship based on achieving best practice and sustainable competitive advantage.


To be successful as a partner and provide high-level quality to the customers, training is needed. EasyIO provides trainings and workshops to keep the knowledge of our partners at the highest level.

Open source

EasyIO recognises that open building solutions combined with an efficient and easily understood engineering framework is crucial for in-house engineers and building owners. That’s why we market an, already proven, open source technology.