Product code: SH-DR-ML-CBUSTCP-AX

The Honeywell Cbus TCP driver makes it possible to integrate Honeywell products as the Excel 5000 family in a Niagara framework (AX & N4). A MIG-112 Gateway as Ethernet to RS485 converter, with special firmware, is needed.

All components of the driver, the device and the points are perfectly integrated into the framework: this allows for better efficiency in the design and maintenance of the systems, which results in lower costs.

Supported systems

Supported devices

Excel 5000 family:

  • XL50
  • XL500
  • XL80
  • XL600
  • XL100
  • Zone Manager

Driver demo

The driver can run as a demo for two hours, without the unlock code. After that you have to reboot to get it running for 2 hours more.

Order references

  • SH-DR-ML-CBUSTCP-AX-J3 Honeywell Cbus TCP Driver for Jace 3
  • SH-DR-ML-CBUSTCP-AX-J6 Honeywell Cbus TCP Driver for Jace 6
  • SH-DR-ML-CBUSTCP-AX-J7 Honeywell Cbus TCP Driver for Jace 7
  • SH-DR-ML-CBUSTCP-AX-J8-1000 Honeywell Cbus TCP Driver for Jace 8000, with 1000 points limit
  • SH-DR-ML-CBUSTCP-AX-J8 Honeywell Cbus TCP Driver for Jace 8000
  • SH-DR-ML-CBUSTCP-AX-WS Honeywell AX Supervisor Cbus TCP Driver, includes license for 500 Cbus RS485 points, able to learn and discover points, without a JACE, directly to the AX Supervisor
  • SH-DR-ML-CBUSTCP-AX-500 Additional 500 point block for AX Supervisor Cbus TCP Driver