Multifunctional Modbus display, freely programmable

Product code: SH-FX-RP-A

This multifunctional room display is a full colour, freely programmable modbus device. It fits perfectly with the FC- and FG-series.

You can create your own graphics with the graphics editor, to measure, control or simply consult virtually any application or system you connect the display to. Add your company’s or the building owner’s logo to the freely editable graphics you make for the display to give it a unique look and feel. The Modbus RTU master or slave mode enables the display to be used with literally any Modbus device.

The display is ideal for usage as a room panel in hotels, apartments, offices and private homes. However, the embedded modbus capabilities and processor enable the display to also be used as an operating terminal for other applications.


  • Freely programmable
  • Modbus RTU communication
  • 250 I/O points
  • Wall mounted or handheld
  • μSD card for complex graphics
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • 5 built-in time schedules
  • Selectable master or slave mode