This former office building is now used as a residential building and hotel with a spa. It has seven levels above the ground and three below, 41 apartments and a 100 bed hotel. 250 FC-20 controllers, 40 FG-32+ controllers, 12 FG-20+ controllers, 30 SH-FX-RP-A displays and 40 SystemView 9” touch panels are used in this retrofit project executed by our partner SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions.

Apartment control

Each apartment has a control panel with a FG-32+ and a SystemView 9. The panel controls the apartment’s HVAC, alarm monitoring and energy metering. The apartments have between two and thirteen FCU’s, controlled by FC-20’s. These integrate to the FG-32+ via BACnet MSTP. The energy meters also integrate via the FG-32+. Graphics for the FCU’s and other plant display on the SystemView 9.

The FG-32+ integrates to the apartment’s AMX system via BACnet IP. FCU’s in the back and front of house are controlled by FC-20’s. These integrate to the main hotel’s BMS (Siemens Desigo) by BACnet MSTP, local setpoint adjustment via SH-FX-RP-A on Modbus RTU. Hub room cooling is controlled by FG-20+ and integrates to the hotel’s BMS by BACnet IP.

Reason to choose for EasyIO

The FG-32+’s provided the best solution for apartment controls, with built-in integrations. After using the FC-20’s on apartments, we found these to be a good unitary solution, which we then used for the main hotel FCU’s, says Ian Walker from SSE Enterprise Energy Solutions, explaining their decision to choose for EasyIO.