Building with EasyStack installed.

EasyStack is connected to 50 campus buildings at the University of Richmond, almost 2000 pieces of equipment, and a total of approximately 2,500,000 square feet. The centralized graphics, data collection, alarms, and uniform user interface across all platforms (desktop, smartphone, and touch panel) made EasyStack the right choice for this project.

Julian Morgan, Facilities Manager, University of Richmond: When I first evaluated[…] the Historian [app] was what sold me. To have that amount of data at your fingertips is invaluable as a facility manager. EasyStack provided University of Richmond a path forward with any vendor’s control product.

EasyStack is not just a BAS integration system, it is facility management tool and when you have a 2.5M sq ft campus to manage it was a no brainer. I can customize the user interface to make my job of managing the campus easier.