DeltaKabelComfort Netten – The Netherlands

“DeltaKabelComfort Netten (Zeeland) using EasyIO Technologies.”

Beveco is installing a Central Management System (CMS) to monitor 24 locations throughout province of Zeeland. For this, the latest EasyIO JACE-3E controllers will be used which are standard equipped with a web server and an IP connection. Also, these controllers are freely programmable and based on open technologies such as BACnet, LON, M-Bus, etc. The system will use the network of Delta to get connected. The CMS is fully modular build and will expand with links to intercom, access control, fire detection, etc. Various employees of Delta will be trained by Beveco. Axis cameras are also incorporated during this assignment.

HongKong Land

“Enhancing Operational Effectiveness and Building Control Efficiency with Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS) for Hongkong Land”

Different building management systems have been built in the Central buildings of Hongkong Land for operation and maintenance purposes. As the number of systems grew, the complexity and manpower demand also increased. As an initiative for continuous improvement of service level to tenants, Hongkong Land and Infocon developed an Integrated Building Management System (IBMS) which combined diversely located building systems onto a single platform, thereby increasing operational efficiency and overall cost-effectiveness.

Pump Systems – Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

“Area management of multiple pump units in Zoetermeer”

Every area has many pump units to control water levels. Every unit will have their own EasyIO-FG controller connected directly over the air with a central supervisor. Many objects now have EasyIO controls and all can be managed regardless working spot. Installed units: 2e stationsstraat, Buitenparklaan, Puttershoekstraat, Perculaat, Ierlandlaan, Zilverberkzoom.

Soccer field heating – Norway

“Soccer field heating with integrated camera system and energy meters”

The soccerfield is electrical heated in groups with a programmed matrix system inside EasyIO-FG series. On modbus the electricity meters are integrated and in the webserver we also show IP camera’s. Soccerfields equipped with this system and automated with our technology are: Amodt, Daelenenga, Fredrikstad, Ullern.

Awana Transport Hub – Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Design, planning and installation of the security system and building automation system for Awana Transport Hub (Genting Skyway Cable Car Station 1, 2 and 3).

Ålesund – Norway

“TAC integration”

Our partner use a JACE to integrate TAC xenta and converting them to Modbus to take it into their own SCADA.

Høyres hus – Oslo, Norway

“Johnson Controls integration”

Our partner use’s a JACE to integrate some Johnson devices on N2, converting them to Modbus and taking them into their own SCADA system.

Soil Remediation – Ylojarvi, Finland

“Remediations systems with EasyIO”

Container based remediation systems for contaminated soil and ground water are controlled and monitored by EasyIO controllers.