SSF Wheel – Prikkala, Finland

SSF Wheel Prikkala FinlandIn this two floor industrial hall with a metal workshop, P.A.K. Melo Oy. installed a bms with 1 EasyIO FG-32+, 3 EasyIO FC-20’s and 1 Systemview 10. Two air handling units are controlled by the FG-32+. A heat pump is integrated through modbus RTU connection and 7 water meters and 2 electric meters are also integrated. HTML5 graphics are displayed on the Systemview 10. A remote connection is provided in order to monitor the site and alarms. History database for consumption of different tenants.

“The site was partly retrofit, so the point price using an FG-32+ and FC-20’s was great. The flexibility to integrate modbus devices (especially heatpumps) gave added value for the customer as well”, says Sami Hassinen from P.A.K. Melo Oy.

Cabinplant A/S – Haarby, Denmark

Cabinplant A_S Haarby Denmark“Newest technologies and WEB BMS incl integration with other AHU/systems and lighting control”

Jace, FG32´s and Digidim router installed. New Control of: AHU´s, Heating circuits, District HW and Light (dali) Modbus integration of existing AHU´s. DALI Light Control (on demand/daylight control) Helvar integration (Digidim router) 3D Visualization on Jace.

Jabil Inc. – Global

Global roll-out of EasyStack in factories, started in 2017. Three factories in China and Malaysia are finished, covering about 15.000 points.

Nokeval – Nokia, Finland

Nokeval Nokia Finland“Heatpump units with embedded EasyIO-FG series”

This site has a heat pump (200kW) as a heating system. Heat pump and other HVAC systems are controlled by EasyIO controllers, which are integrated to Easy IO Jace station. Geothermal tempetarure monitor system (Modbus) is also integrated to Jace to monitor temperature changes for the future analysis.

Veljekset Mattila – Ylojarvi, Finland

Veljekset Mattila Ylojarvi Finland“Energy Management”

Energy management and renovation of the heating systems. Huge energy savings are made with new heat recovery system, where process heat is used in domestic water and ventilation heating. Systems are controlled and monitored by EasyIO controllers.

Danfoss IXA – Veile, Denmark

Danfoss IXA Veile Denmark“Pressure control of laboratory room and cabinets”

30P installed. New Damper/pressure control for Cabinets. Modbus Integration with AHU (Pressure/speed control).

Infineon – Melaka, Malaysia

Infineon MalakaDesign, planning, installation and upgrade of the building automation system for Infineon Melaka.